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Stockholm Paddle Rentals

Discover the Stockholm Archipelago with a kayak or SUP rental


When you set foot on our dock, dedicated and knowledgeable staff are at hand. All the equipment you need is included in the price. When you rent a kayak, the paddle and life jacket are included and with a SUP we include the leash, life jacket, and paddle.

On site, the staff will then check your experience level and then select the kayak that is best for you. The kayak is set up to get the correct seating position, and you’re given a brief instruction and route recommendation. Then it’s time to launch and you are free to enjoy and paddle out on the sparkling waters that surround Stockholm.

– But I’ve never paddled before, can I really do it?

– YES!

We often get questions from curious, if not a little worried, beginners about how one should go to start paddling. If you feel unsafe and a little scared the first time, we recommend that you start by testing one of our double kayaks, as they are more stable and can, therefore, feel safer to start with than a single kayak. Once you have got a feel for how kayaking works, you can then test a stable single kayak and “advance” from there.

We have kayaks for everyone, from advanced to beginner kayaks!